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Top 50 Urban Farming Blogs

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With the food revolution in full bloom, some have taken to bringing the fight to their own home in a literal sense. These urban farmers, or those who use their own yard, balcony, or other space to grow food, are more common than ever. With everything from seeds to livestock on the line in the urban farm arena, it is easy to get lost in the quest for sustainability.

To help out, we have collected the top 50 urban farming blogs from apartment balconies to backyard gardens to actual urban farms and are full of tips. You can also learn about what to grow, where to grow it, where to sell it, buy it, or even a simple recipe on how to prepare your own home grown food.

Top Urban Farming Blogs by a Group

Learn more about the practice of urban farming by those undertaking it themselves.


Kitchen Gardeners

      No matter what type of urban farming project you have in mind, there is someone here who is doing the same. This massive blogging community has tons of entries, answers, and much more for everyone. Posts and expert opinions often take on basic and advanced urban farming questions.


2. Dog Island Farm
These bloggers are learning how to be self-sufficient in today’s urban landscape. Check the blog to see what they are growing, get recipes, a farm diary, and more. A recent entry was on colony collapse disorder.

3. Backyard Farming
The urban homestead is the focus of this blog. Useful reads include a 101 chapter on gardening and chickens. Pictures of the farm, as well as the farmers, are often shared.

4. Homegrown
Stop here for a celebration of the imaginative, passionate people who love to grow and eat. Categories on the blog include DIY projects, recipes, why they farm, growing, and more.

5. Homegrown Evolution
Three bloggers conspire on the urban homestead and even author a book of the same name. The blog is full of stories about vegetables, chickens, hooch, bicycles, and cultural alchemy. Daily life is often the topic of posts.

6. Urban Homestead
Click here to get a journey towards self-sufficiency, one step at a time. The Dervaes Family is from Pasadena, where they have created a modern urban homestead. Visit to get facts, news, a photo gallery, and loads more about their journey.

7. Havenscourt Homestead
This urban farming blog comes to you from a 4,000 square foot lot in the city. Visitors can choose from items on the homestead, residents, gardens, and even video. They also feature items on random things such as bees and the local area.

8. Local Harvest
Finally, if you haven’t found enough urban farming blogs above, stop here. This site is where you can find local harvests, farmer’s markets, family farms, and other organic resources in your area. They also have loads of blogs to choose from and an active online community.

Top Urban Farming Blogs by an Individual

These individual bloggers have also taken on the urban farming challenge.


Lelo in NoPo

      How do you grow a 44 pound cabbage from an urban farm? Start by checking out this blog from a farmer in Northern Portland. She also has a podcast where she features tons of homemade tips and goodies.


10. City Slicker Farms
This community farm is located in West Oakland, California and has loads of tips for farming the area. Barbara also keeps a detailed blog on the goings on at the farm. You can also learn more about programs such as the community market, backyard garden, and others.

11. Champagne Wishes and Coupon Dreams
Tory is from Washington State where she is a mom to four kids and urban farmer of a half acre. Her blog is where she shares her adventures, tips, recipes, and more. A recent entry was on cinnamon rolls for the holidays.

12. Our Home Works
Amy and family take part in living the local life in Eugene, Oregon. The goal of this urban farm is to eat locally and live sustainably. Choose from entries on everything from chickens to travels.

13. Domestic Efforts
Jenni is from Philadelphia but was born in Poland. She is now a small scale urban farmer who shares cooking, gardening, and decorating by trial and error through the blog. One of the latest posts was a recipe for butternut squash gnocchi.

14. Homegrown Happy
Jazmin can go a while between posts, but keeps them lengthy enough to make up for it. She often uses items grown in her own backyard to prepare in her kitchen. The latest include preserves.

15. Permaculture for Renters
You don’t have to own land to take part in urban farming. This blogger shows how to make the most of a tiny space. Although it has been a while since the last entry, you can still get tutorials, gardening tips, and more.

Top Urban Farming and Livestock Blogs

Although cows, chickens, pigs, and such may not be zoned for urban life, they have made it onto some of these urban farm blogs.


Backyard Chickens

      One of the most popular livestock entries on the urban farm blogs is chickens. This blog has become a leading destination for those looking to raise chickens in an urban, suburban, or rural setting. Choose from coop designs, breeds, and even recipes.


17. Gilead Goats
Milk, wool, and meat are all offerings from this livestock. This blogger enjoys “spinning a yarn” and even has an Etsy shop. Check out the gallery of random stuff with more.

18. Urban Hennery
These bloggers give thoughts on country living, farming, gardening, and eating locally. Scroll down to get an expert How-To Guide on chickens. They also took on a Dark Days challenge and show you how.

19. Urban Chicken Networks
Like the above, life with chickens on a farm often takes the spotlight. Labels are on advice, chicks, coops, and anything else related. They also have thoughts on the benefits of locally grown food.

20. Pluck and Farm
Click here for another blog on urban farm life. They have been featured in the media and offer links to those items. You can also get an Urban Farming 101 section here.

21. Mama’s Worm Composting
You don’t need a huge lot or lots of feed to take on this livestock: worms. This blogger shares how to buy worms, get composting supplies, and even shows how the kids can help. With an estimate 59.46 tons of garbage eaten in 2010, worms are worth a look.

22. Moonsong Ranch Alpacas
A sort of furry-legged goat, this animal also qualifies as livestock. The blog focuses on alpaca sales, support, and alpaca fashion. Check out their store and blog for more on their designs.

23. Bees and Chicks
Have an incurable need for organic honey? Then this urban farming blog is for you. Barbara details adventures in organic gardening and beekeeping. She recently had a deer problem and writes all about it.

24. The Garden Coop
Have chickens and a garden? Then visit here to get coops designed for both. The blog also has related tips.

Top Farming Blogs

If you have the land and the determination, learn more about farming here.


Freshman Farmer

      If just entering into an urban farming project, you are not alone. This blog contains the stories of several farmers, many of who are in their first or second years. They are hoping to be successful enough to turn a profit and become a valuable part of their communities as suppliers of organically grown food.


26. City Farmer News
News stories for those interested in urban agriculture can be found here. Based in Vancouver, this farmer writes about farming, politics, and other items that interest him. You can even check out his webcam.

27. Farmgirl Fare
Susan lives on a 240 acre farm in Missouri. She uses the blog to share recipes, stories, and photos from her crazy country life. She also includes must read posts on farm life stuff.

28. Farmer Jane
She plans to change the food system from her blog. The sustainable food revolution is often the topic of choice. Now on a sort of tour, she writes all about it.

29. Dirt Foot Farm
Get urban homesteading in the heart of Oakland from this blog. A relatively new blog, they just celebrated their first anniversary and share how they went from “grass to kickass.” They also share projects, plants, recipes, and all things chicken.

30. Ghost Town Farm
Visit here to get the blog of both an urban farmer and a writer. Living near Oakland, she writes both true story and fiction on the farm.

31. The Funny Farm
Duane is from Atlanta where he has been an organic gardener for 30 years. A regular at the local farmer’s market, he grows vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, raises chickens, and even worms. A recent entry was on permaculture.

32. The Itty Bitty Farm in the City
Heidi wanted to move to a farm, while her husband wanted to stay in the city. From San Francisco, this blog details their compromise. She recently got eggs for her birthday and shares here.

33. The Wisdom of the Radish
Visit here to get a blog about the adventures of a first time farmer. Crop failures, corn that didn’t come in, nasty weather, and more are all discussed. Vegetables, random animals, and more occupy the farm.

34. Rachel’s Tiny Farm
She uses her small farm to grow everything from grapes to raise ducks. From Phoenix, she often includes pictures of the tiny farm. One of her favorites is deviled quail eggs, and the recipe is shared.

Top Urban Farming Vegetable Blogs

Learn more about growing your own vegetables with the help of these blogs.


Urban Veggie Garden Blog

      Dan is from Ontario, Canada. Each Monday he greets his farm and blog followers with a harvest. Visit to see what, how, and more.


36. Totally Inept Balcony Gardener
This blogger has a small inner city place, equipped with a rather tiny balcony. Their latest obsession is filling this space with green delights and blogging feeble green thumb attempts. Not as awful as the title suggests, what can be grown on a balcony is impressive.

37. Veggie Trader
Click here to get a place to trade, buy, and sell your homegrown produce. There is also a blog with loads of tips on how to do all of the above. Over 12,000 members have done just that.

38. Skippy’s Vegetable Garden
Skippy is a pup who thinks the vegetable garden belongs to him. However, the blogger has been gardening here for 20 years and is located near Boston. Planting tools include an online planting calendar and how to start a new veggie garden.

39. My Veggie Garden
Read about vegetable gardening and urban farming the down under way here. Stewart is from Australia where he is a “taxi driving, veggie gardening, blues listener.” Things that interest him, along with farming, are often the topic of posts.

40. Tomato Lover
Is it a fruit, is it a vegetable? Sally goes beyond that to share how she grows her favorite type of produce. She also includes tips for how to cook, get seeds, and even what to feed them.

41. From Seed to Table
Michelle uses the blog to keep track of what is going on in her garden. From California, she shares more on her veggies and thoughts on nature. Labels are on everything from amaranth to zucchini.

42. My Little Vegetable Garden
Bangchik comes to us all the way from Malaysia. Veggies, gardening, and urban farming from a foreign view make for interesting reading. There are also many photos of the garden available for the viewing.

43. The Veggie Patch Reimagined
Click here to get an experiment to build a more sustainable edible space. From Ottawa, this blogger’s passion is to help other take care of themselves. What seeds they are currently collecting is helpful to those who wish to plant as they do.

44. Hydroponic Workshop
Who says you need an outdoor space to have your own vegetable garden? This blog details the scientific process of growing a hydroponic garden. What works and doesn’t work is often included.

Top Urban Farming Gardening Blogs

Use these blogs to learn even more about gardening flowers, herbs, and more.


Garden Rant

      The goal of this blog is to uproot the gardening world. The bloggers are often bored with magazine perfect gardens and love those that are filled with chaos and bugs. A popular choice in garden blogs, they feature items such as Everybody’s a Critic and Shut Up and Dig.


46. You Grow Girl
Launched in 2000, this blog was intended for gardeners who have a love of the craft but not a lot of space. Categories include grow, garden, explore, and even lay. She even learned how a certain flower can bloom in the cold and shares more.

47. The Dandelion Wrangler
Laura has won awards for her gardening. From British Columbia, she divides time between her love of gardening and her kids. She also has a photography blog with more.

48. Garden Therapy
Too much stress in your life? This blog and an urban garden might be the cure. This artistic gardener shows how to feed the soul and recently wrote about Wreaths of Hope.

49. The Modern Victory Garden
A garden calendar and favorite recipes are just some of the items featured here. They grow everything from berries to potatoes. Pictures of progress are often included.

50. Annie’s Kitchen Garden
She offers a Grow Guide that helps plan a garden by informing of what you can sow, harden off, or transplant. Her harvest total for 2010 is 912 pounds. With this kind of success, it’s hard to skip this blog.



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