1) Adathoda vasica known as Adusa in Hindi and Adusoge in Kannada.
2) Aloe Vera or Indian Aloe (Eng), Lolesara(Kan)
3) Bacopa monerri or Water hysop (Eng), Brahmi(Hindi) and Neeru brahmi(Kan)
4) Hibiscus rosa-sinensis or Shoe-flower and Chinese Rose(Eng), Jasund (Hindi), Dasavala (Kan)
5) Ocimum sanctum or Holy basil (Eng), Tulsi(Hindi), Krishna tulsi(Kan)
6) Piper longum or Long pepper (Eng), Pipali/Pipaamula(Hindi), Hippali/Thippali balli (Kan)
7) Tinospora cordifolia or Moon Creeper (Eng), Giloya(Hindi), Amrithaballi (Kan)

Address :

FRLHT campus is located at Jarakabande Kaval, Yelahanka, Bangalore, approximately 10 kms from Hebbal flyover. (Take a left turn after the CRPF camp on Dodaballapur road.)



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