Top 25 Interior Design Blogs
Every individual owning or renting a home automatically seeks a way to personalize the space in a way that reflects his or her tastes, styles, and opinions. With the following interior design blogs, anyone hoping to forge a visual voice can find inspiration, ideas, and information on the process of interior decorating as well as discussions about entering into the field at a professional level.

1. Design*Sponge : Interior design and personal fashion converge in this delightful exploration of color, texture, line, and shape. Grace Bonney soaks up art like a…well…porous, sifting aquatic creature lacking formal digestive, circulatory, and nervous systems. She offers up recipes for gorgeous and decadent foods, videos, amazingly thorough city and product guides, early looks, podcasts, DIY projects, and before and after comparisons. It is an amazingly comprehensive, essential resource for professionals, amateurs, and individuals simply hoping to add some nice touches to their living spaces.

2. Material Girls : From the main blog, visitors can look at city-specific design articles for Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, and New York. They cover a very broad spectrum of styles, from the somewhat ornately gaudy to the sparsest of minimalist design. There is plenty here to please every taste, and interested readers may want to drop by some of the events the writers attend in the featured cities for inspiration. Every Friday, MG Houston blogger Lauren Haskett shares her favorite pieces of furniture with readers – regardless of which city they hale from.

3. Patricia Gray : Award-winning, Vancouver-based interior designer Patricia Gray tackles not only her profession, but travel, architecture, trends, and DIY projects such as knitting and art. An indispensible lifestyle guide, she offers up advice on almost any aspect of these arts imaginable, such as guides on caring for specific types of furniture, photo tours of especially striking design and architectural elements, and discussions of current and upcoming trends involving color, texture, line, and shape. Her passion and creativity have earned her accolades from the prestigious Architectural Digest.

4. Apartment Therapy : Obviously, Apartment Therapy concerns itself with creating stunning interior design with a space significantly smaller than that of a house. Though it does focus mainly on decorative elements, the blog does also delve into the hallmarks of living in an apartment or loft – with the lack of a dishwasher in some units standing as one of the more humorous and relatable examples. Like Material Girls, the blog is divided into sub-sections spotlighting certain cities. Specifically, they present discussions regarding apartment design and lifestyle in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Boston.

5. Carolina Eclectic : As the name implies, Houston-based interior designer Carolina Saunders appreciates and promotes myriad striking styles suitable for a broad spectrum of preferences. She does frequently discuss current trends and favored shops in America’s fourth largest city, but most articles hold appeal for broader audiences. Saunders presents her findings and philosophies with an eye for universal design elements, which helps readers all over the world find ideas and inspirations for their own homes. However, Houstonians will particularly appreciate the highly detailed city guide she created for Design*Sponge.

6. COCOCOZY : The writer operating under the pseudonym Coco may not be a professional interior decorator, but she still displays a flair for the field and an excellent eye for style. She shares her favorite findings in the Los Angeles area as well as online with a preference for particularly striking and clean design work. Every once in a while, she will also feature some house wares and other gadgets that captures her fancy as well. The lush photos accompanying almost every post provide wonderful starting points and ideas for those looking to revamp or remodel their homes.

7. Interior Design Story : Another nice blog to go searching for inspiration, Interior Design Story is a simple, understated resource catering to a wide variety of stylistic preferences. The author presents and comments on some of her favorite findings, and while light on detail there are some fantastic photos available to help nurture ideas. Some of the modernist designs she features are especially eye-catching.

8. decor8 : Refreshing, trendy, and quite a bit of fun, the decor8 blog offers a comprehensive guide to styles and stores from around the world. Home and personal fashion both receive a fair amount of coverage, with up-to-the-minute discussions of current trends in the design industry. Posts tend to favor contemporary and postmodernist constructs with healthy promotion of DIY projects and handmade products from independently-owned businesses. It is very easy to kill a few hours just perusing all the innovative, functional works on display – almost like an online art gallery.

9. : One of the most appreciated aspects of is its “Affordable Design” category. Here, those hoping to add some artistic flair to their home or office can find plenty of amazingly creative designs appropriate for a constricted budget. Beyond that, they also cover stores, artists, news, trends, contests, sale announcements, and product discussions and reviews. They even offer a consultation service for $100 where customers can e-mail them pictures of the rooms they hope to redecorate, a bit of information on personal stylistic tastes, and a budget estimate. Consultations include a fully unique and customized recommendation on everything from layout to color schemes as well as links to stores with products that fit the financial and aesthetic needs of the client.

10. freshome : freshome looks at architecture in addition to interior decorating. The blog looks at the unusual and the exceptionally creative, offering insights and links to the appropriate products. Because freshome seeks to present a very wide variety of designs and tastes, there is something here to inspire and impress almost anyone. They especially love playful and innovative explorations of color and shape. Apartment dwellers have one section entirely devoted to their restricted spatial needs, with ideas and suggestions from all over the world and representing numerous different decorative movements.

11. PadStyle : This eloquent, well-informed blog showcases designs and artists alike. With an eye for the trendy and postmodern, PadStyle emphasizes modern and contemporary furnishing over other elements of interior decoration. Posts generally involve a few photos of visually intriguing décor – usually furniture – and a lovingly detailed description and analysis of the featured pieces. They also host their own shop, where customers can purchase furniture and accessories for any room of a house, apartment, or other living space.

12. Habitually Chic™ : New York City-based interior designer and freelance writer Heather Clawson shares her opinions on the decorative arts, fashion, architecture, and literature. In juxtaposing all these facets of creative expression, it is easy to see how they interact, even intersect, with one another. She provides detailed photographs and descriptions of the rooms and products she encounters online, in magazines, on TV and – of course – in and around NYC. Clawson does feature a wide variety of styles, but content leans more towards design work that places a few contemporary spins on reliable classics.

13. Interior Design : Interior Design hosts 3 blogs. Cindy’s Salon looks at the persons, places, and products that forge the industry. Design Green focuses on sustainable, environmentally-friendly architecture and décor. Student Lounge is run by a Design Theory class at New York School of Interior Design. All of them offer new and vastly different insights into home décor, architecture, and how functionality never negates or otherwise compromise a work of art. Beyond the blogs, visitors may explore research, updates on the interior decoration industry, projects, products, news, videos, and information on related green initiatives.

14. AbbeyK on Interior Design : Abbey Koplovitz is an interior designer living and working in Boston. Through her blog, she discusses many of her current and ongoing projects, openly discusses her career, and gives readers some tips and tricks for beautifying their home. She has no issue talking about some of the negatives and difficulties that crop up along the way, making this a necessary read for anyone contemplating a career in interior design. But it is not all about demanding customers and scheduling hiccups. Koplovitz clearly loves what she does, and her posts on her projects and life in the industry open up doors to information and inspiration alike.

15. Addicted 2 Decorating : Another blog about the life and times of an interior designer, this time by the spirited Kristi from somewhere in central Texas. She discusses many of her own projects and ideas in the blog space, but her website bombards readers with a number of highly valuable reads. Articles are divided into many different categories, including DIY projects, advice on finding and working with an interior design professional, a list of different styles, green décor, tips on working in specific rooms or within small spaces, incorporating artwork, a directory of designers, Q&A sessions, and more.

16. World Interior Design Network : The WIDN blog showcases the most innovative architecture and interior design elements from all over the world. Beyond that, readers may explore other aspects of WIDN’s online presence. They host a variety of networks on designs – ranging from homes to boats to commercial spaces. Even hospitals and stadiums get some attention. Anyone currently exploring decorating options would do well to check out their buyer’s guide and showcases focusing on products and projects alike.

17. FOKaL : Updated daily, FOKaL concerns itself mainly with modern design and décor, most especially those with sustainability. The blog links readers to hip artists currently developing functional art for the home, though occasionally provides a peak at fashionable or otherwise innovative accessories such as iPhone cases and dog collars. It can get a bit overwhelming exploring all the intriguing photos and products on display, but anyone looking for tips and inspiration will easily find something useful among their extensive archives.

18. sfgirlbybay : sfgirlbybay is a comprehensive labor of love by Renaissance woman Victoria Smith. She updates daily on a plethora of informative, enlightening, and inspiration subjects related to interior design and fashion. In many ways, this resource also serves as something of a bible regarding the bohemian modern movement and style. Not only does she discuss its impact on home décor, but lifestyles, art, and entertaining as well. Interviews, product reviews, advice, event coverage, tours of artist studios, and other articles round out the content. Smith makes sure to promote more affordable items and nurture personal tastes instead of blind conformity to one particular style.

19. The Decorating Divas : One of the most comprehensive guides to all things interior design, The Decorating Divas remains one of the best resources for anyone hoping to find an answer to even the most obscure questions. Most of the content involves tips, tricks, and suggestions on bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, nurseries, and outdoor extensions. However, they also look into current fashion trends as well. Because they look intently at a large number of styles, there is plenty here to inspire anyone looking to decorate or renovate a room or entire living space.

20. Strange Closets : Based out of Chicago, the Strange Closets blog provides a peek at the people behind interior design. They review shops and interview artists and designers, but the main draw of this site are the intimate home tours they provide on a weekly basis. Most of them understandably take place in the Chicagoland area, though occasional stops in Michigan, Indiana, and New York City crop up as well. These not only offer inspiration for those seeking it, but a wonderfully insightful treatise on how interior design and decoration come to reflect the personalities of those living within the surrounding spaces – sometimes vice versa.

21. COLOURLovers : COLOURLovers, as the name implies, adores playing with different color schemes and patterns. These are two of the most basic elements of interior decorating, and this blog cuts the discipline down into these two components. As a general design blog, they do discuss topics beyond the decorative. However, it is an excellent place to start when it comes to thinking about how to play around with innovative color schemes and unexpected patterns. There are hundreds of options here to consider, with something suitable for everyone’s tastes and needs.

22. Path Design : Inspired by environmentally-friendly and sustainability movements, Orange County interior designer Rachel Hulan writes extensively about how the industry can incorporate and benefit green initiatives into its practices. Her blog highlights sustainable materials and other products catering to those hoping to carry on these philosophies in their homes. She favors a lot of natural tones such as browns, tans, and greens, but does showcase a nice diversity all the same. For those living in her area, she provides consultations on interior design, color schemes, and green architecture.

23. the Designer Pages blog : Targeting both architects and interior decorators, the Designer Pages blog posts news and trends from these industries into one clean resource. Most of the content seems to involve trips to trade shows as well as commentaries on the ideas presented and the people in attendance. Professionals may find this blog more insightful than individuals looking for tips and tricks on beautifying and personalizing their homes. They may find some modicum of inspiration here, but the core messages seem to appeal more to those working in the architecture or interior design industries.

24. +Mood : +Mood pays attention to the interiors and exteriors of living and commercial spaces, providing readers with a cavalcade of informative articles and stunning pictures. They report on trends and showcase the most creative designs and designers available, occasionally looking at fashion as well. A section about monuments and memorials across the world especially stands out, chronicling some of the most visually striking works that various cities have to offer. The majority of +Mood’s focus orbits around modern styles, however, so those pursuing something more traditional may not find too much to pique their curiosities.

25. Design Intelligence : Design Intelligence caters towards the needs of interior decorators and those pursuing (or hoping to pursue an education in the subject. They discuss the industries from a professional perspective, post up notices regarding upcoming conferences, offer particularly useful articles, and a bookstore full of relevant literature. However, any reader can still derive enjoyment from any of these features, most especially the extensive and impressive video library chock full of information and explorations.


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  1. I don’t know on what basis you selected this 25 Interior Design blogs. There are many blogs which deserves the listing in this content. Addicted 2 Decorating is one of the good blog which i visit regularly. Rest are strangers. That is just my personal opinion.

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