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Pyramid Valley situated in Kanakapura Road, Bangalore is the largest meditation center which has the World’s largest Meditation Pyramid founded by Brahmarshi Patriji. It works for helping people in self-realization and self-help techniques.
Pyramid Valley’s objectives are to spread vegetarianism and the power of meditation to everyone and also to provide a huge united platform for all the spiritual masters.

Regular classes, workshops and seminars are conducted on Science of Meditation and New Age Spirituality. Many people who practice meditation visit Pyramid Valley regularly. It is said that the meditation done in a pyramid gives good results more times than done in any other place. The whole place is a very peaceful location which resonates with lots of energy.

Pyramid Valley is a must to be visited place to not just those who practice meditation and spirituality but also it is a place that fills every soul with peace and that fills us with the energy we need to carry on our routine work. It is a very good place to re-energize ourselves and to increase the ‘life’ in our lives.


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