reading the book of Angels and Daemons by Dan Brown.

The Illuminati

Using the 9/11 World Trade Centre tragedy was an excuse to promote New World Order policy by implementing Soviet-like domestic programmes in the homeland and attacking the enemies of the New World Order all throughout the world. What is the New World Order you might be asking, well it all dates back to the Illuminati. I’d have to explain that to you before I get back to the 09/11 tragedy.

The Illuminati (Moriah Conquering Wind as they are known nowadays) is a secretive group of ‘occult’ practitioners who have been around for thousands and thousands of years. This is a very well structured organisation consisting of people in extremely high places that I’m sure you have heard of. These people are the “super wealthy” who stand above the law and have their own agenda.

The word Illuminati means people claiming to be unusually enlightened with regard to a subject or any of various groups claiming special religious enlightenment. It comes from the word illuminate – to light up. Note that it becomes confusing as there are also modern fraternal groups which include the word ‘Illumnati’ in their names.

The organisation I mean in this case are the people that belong to the thirteen wealthiest families in the world and are the top players on the International playground, they are the men (and women, but few) who really rule the world from behind the scenes. They are called the Black Nobility, the Decision makers, who make up the rules for presidents and governments to follow, and they are often held from public scrutiny. Their bloodlines go back thousands of years and they are very careful with keeping those bloodlines pure from generation to generation, which means they interbreed. I’m surprised they all have healthy kids then?

Money creates power, but only on the earthly plane, it’s sad but that’s the way of the world today. Their power lies in the occult and in economy. The Illuminati, believe it or not, own all the International banks, the oil businesses, the most powerful businesses of industry and trade, they infiltrate politics and they own most governments, if not that then they at least control them. They have also taken over the movie industry, the record companies and influence teenagers the wrong way. Well if you compare kids to the kids from a few generations ago, there is a higher percentage that’s out of control nowadays.

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