From almost 3 yrs i am little bit thinking about spirituality.

And I started practising some of them. Like going to temple,reading books, listening lecturers,involving in discussions..

I started like a mechanical activity…slowly making into my daily life.

All these 8yrs in software job I helped my family financially but I am not able to solve their problems fully.

Desires are unlimited. I am not able to give good solution to them.

Full of distress and working too hard

Now i got a solution . If we are making a person happy internally from heart everything will solve.

All the other things appears small.
Poverty,education,job,family, etc all other daily problems appears silly.

If you are accepting life just as it is is easy and good.
If we are making people good morally and following values then we can make everyone happy.

Money,prestige,status nothing matters.

if we are true from heart then we can make a better environment .

All these changes happens thru by seeking final truth of life.

I was improved alot ..progressed by 10% .

Spirituality is a science.
Religions gives moral values.It will make u a better person.It will teach u how to approach God.
At the same time God needs only love.Not religious practices.

I came across an incident from my village. My cousin sister committed suicide just for money.She is intelligent but her father didnt able to arrange dowry money. villagers are telling wrong things.

It touched me deeply even people are not leaving the left out souls.

We are entrapped in money circles.

Before marriage I want to utilise my salary for a community hall in next 6 months. Its God’s will.

All these years i tried doing social services like volunteering in Bangalore janagraha, devotional service, giving food,clothes distribution in my village , visiting orphanages , providing financial support for them etc etc.

But nothing worked out.

I got reply from God thru my cousin sister incident.If we are bringing spiritual awareness in the society it will automatically solve the problems.


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