When I am discussing this thing in my current place Muscat with my friend about this topic I got interesting results.

In Muscat earlier (4 yrs back) there are small retail shops (kirana shops etc).

But after allowing MNCs like LULU, CAREFOUR all the small business are wiped off leaving so many people unemployed.

We are seeing the bad effects of privatisation. only few like software engineers are getting good life.

Our agriculture was gone. Education became a shop …we have to pay for studies and it is not for knowledge.

They are making like that.

They want to make Govts depend on them .
Our moral values are gone because of movies,tvs etc.

Now they want to control our food which is the basic.

BT seeds are introduced.

They are doing wars for their benefits.

People have to realise …time is becoming worse…

Will see how God helps us.


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