I lost my NOkia mobile while boarding the bus at Tin Factory.
Earlier I used cheap mobiles like 2000-3000Rs
For the first time I bought a costlier one for doing Symbian development in Muscat.
This is third time I lost mobile in bus.
I have to adjust to BLR traffic again.

i like that mobile very much.. it is so attached to me. I bought that after going to Muscat .it has captured some of the best moments of my life. So many devoteeo contacts and friends.. Actually I understood the meaning of this wonderful life. It helped me in thinking about my inner soul what it is really looking at.

Never bought anything for myself. This is the only thing for me.
me: actually I want to take a good snap today with that. I wore full black dress (invensys gave black shirt).. I am having that in my mind and get into the bus . Usually I keeps cell in laptop bag. But bad day.

I did a clean up operation also on 14th.
I put internet connection in mobile for the first time.
one day back only I recharged , mobile connection, screen guard etc.

I went to customer care and blocked the sime on 15th took duplicate sim.

will u file a case or take another mobile??

if I am earlier sreedhar my reaction will be like above.

But I am not same sreedhar.

hey i am not going to file any case.

Atleast that guy can enjoy that mobile piece ..it is E72 Nokia .. bought that one for 16k.

It was written for him .. so it has reached now in his hands now..

Felt sad for 10mins . then left it.

I have no salary from 4 months.

I took my friend credit card and bought Motorola Fire XT Android mobile. Have dual cam,fm,flash light,internet,wifi,bluetooth. etc

My ears were adjusted to Nokia ring tone all these 8 yrs.

First time I went other than Nokia.


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