15 July 2012

I went for shopping.

She asked me to wear jeans ,t shirt ,kurta which I left long time back.

I went and bought. I came across ladies section.

Even I am doing shopping after a long gap of 5 yrs. My father buys for me. I dont even bother about clothes,food usually.

I thought of buying choodidhars for her.

I never bought anything for my mother or to my sisters.Just I joins with them and pays the bill ..that is my role.
I called her and asked how to ask the shopkeeper.
She didnt tell anything. She told me to do shopping for myself.

I asked shopkeeper different questions .Then I showed some girls which are look similar.

It is different state for me yesterday. But felt happy that I am doing something which helps me in growing the intimacy with my girl.

First time I did shopping for a girl.
I never showed any interest on any girl.I know Lord will choose a correct girl for me.
She is the first girl whom I am buying clothes.
And She will be the last also in my life.
Yesterday I curiously saw girls in shops.
Its really a difficult situation for me but did shopping very well.

I went to 3 shops for her purpose and finally I bought 3 dresses for her in the 3rd shop.

I liked those dresses very much.


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