She gets her hands dirty and shows the way

BANGALORE: Those who turn up their noses at garbage heaps in their neighbourhood should meet Veena Rajappa, 38. General manager of MindTree, Veena has not only thrown open a part of her house for waste segregation but also devotes prime time during weekends for waste management in her neighbourhood of Rajarajeshwari Nagar.

Veena’s efforts have got residents of 500 houses in her neighbourhood to segregate waste at source every day. The result is huge: the daily waste burden is reduced by two tonnes. Mavallipura, where the dumping of garbage has sparked off civic outrage, can breathe that much more easy.

“It is not only my effort. My neighbours have contributed too. I’ve visited all 500 houses in my locality and explained to residents the necessity of garbage management. Unless we, the educated citizens, start segregating waste at source, and give paper and plastic waste for recycling, issues like the Mavallipura dumpyard will remain,” says a modest Veena.

Veena’s hectic work schedule has not dimmed her enthusiasm for the weekend grind. She began collecting dry waste, largely recyclable plastic and paper, from 250 households in her locality on February 12, 2012. Faced with a lack of space to store dry waste, she turned a room in her backyard into a storehouse. Once a week, the collected recyclable waste is cleared by ITC Limited for further recycling. The company has distributed bags to every household to store dry waste, and pays for the waste it purchases. About Rs 2,500 is paid to the pourakarmika every month.

“My work has become easier. My pushcart is not dirty with all kinds of waste,” says Lakshmi, the pourakarmika.

Veena’s endeavour received a lot of support from her employer MindTree, under its ‘Green Community’ initiative. Her efforts even moved the BBMP, which has now provided Rajarajeshwari Nagar a shed to store dry waste.

Rajarajeshwari Nagar residents admit there is sea change in their area. “As we segregate waste on a daily basis, the quantity of waste from this area has come down. The locality looks clean as the pourakarmika visits every day. The mosquito menace has come down,” said Uma J, a resident who religiously segregates waste in her house.

Rajarajeshwari Nagar corporator GH Ramachandra also helped streamline the process and got a shed to store dry waste. “He put us on to solid waste management experts and BBMP engineers,” Veena recalled.

She is inspirtational to all .
How difficult it is to sustain in software field .Even after marriage also she is spending her precious time for the environment.
I admire her very much.
I dont know her.
But her efforts are phenomenal.


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