I dont know what happened to me..

I am falling in love with my girl n number of times…

Earlier I used to get my development activities ( I mean code as am a developer) in my dreams.

Now she is coming…

I am writing words in a poetic way.
Actually I used to write in a very short way.

Now changed …

May be 2 weeks back I went for shopping to buy some dresses for her.

First time I am doing shopping for a girl.

Right now she is not with me.

First time I asked a girl about the dress quality etc etc.

She didn’t tell anything. She told me to do shopping for myself.

Then I saw around and saw an empty cubicle where there are no customers.

I asked the shopkeeper for ladies chudidaars.

He asked me what type etc etc. which I dont know.

Then he asked me to show a sample person..

First time I observed girls very keenly …. Sorry Lord ..I have no choice.

I saw a girl which looks exactly like my girl. I took 3 dresses finally with lot of difficulty…

I am happy that I purchased something for her.

I started liking her …


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