Yesterday she told me she is happy ..she sent a mail at 11 pm …

She didnt tell any reason. I asked her but she didnt tell. If I am asking anything she will keep quiet If I too insists then she will go offline .she follows a pattern some reasons connection failed … why u r insisting … or she will go to sleep … but I love all her deeds…

First month I didn’t understand her ..then later on I started loving her actions…

I am taking positive signals. I know she behaves tough in outer appearance but she has lot of love in her heart.
Conditions makes people like that.
She has lot of affection on me.

I asked her why she is happy…

I just reviewed my yesterday deeds related to her.

I updated her foot picture in my FB saying that all our family members are waiting for her first step in house.
I updated this blog.
She hates computers which I like it very much .
So there is no chance for her to see fb.
Might be someone told about my act in fb.
Truely I didnt done all these acts for any show offs.
I never crossed my limits (even touching also) with any girl. I followed a very strict schedule.
Now I want to present myself whole heartedly.

After 3 months of my engagement I am introducing my girl to the outer world ,friends..
earlier I opened about her to my very close friends like 2-3..
I feel more comfortable now ..earlier i preferred chatting now I am comfortable with phone too.

Even after getting 60yrs I hope my mails keeps my relationships fresh and alive


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