Yesterday I didnt went online in the night..Usually I used to update my events blog (useful technical events in and around bangalore).

I have no internet in my mobile .but midnight I got datacard from my roommate .

She sent her photo. Usually I asked so many times for her photo because I want to make her impression in my heart.

But from last 20 days I didnt because I kept her already. So no need of any photos now. Whereever I am I can feel her presence.

To my surprise she sent her photo saying that she came from office just now …almost 10:30 pm after a heavy working day.

She is not that much good like earlier photos which I asked but this photo is so special for me because she started moving towards me.

I am able to succeed to some extent.

She is short tempered with friends especially with guys because she doesnt want to give an advantage of her naughtiness. She didnt tell but this is what I understood. I love it.


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