Source : Times Of India newspaper

MANGALORE: She was struggling with the bucketful of concrete pieces to fill the potholes on the SCS Road. All the men, especially the autorickshaw drivers, did was smile, without even lifting a finger to help her. “I’m a mad hatter and I have been noticed for this,” admits Molly Pinto, a homemaker. This is not the first time the lady has been filling the potholes on that stretch, which goes bad every monsoon. “I try to fill the potholes so that it is a less of a problem to others,” says Molly.

She does Gandhigiri in her own way. She used to notice that one person in the commercial space near her apartment had the habit of spitting pan on the sides. “I used to clean it up every day. I thought if that person does not stop the habit, I’m going to stick pictures of Gods where he does that. Then I thought it was not proper to use Gods pictures for such things. I started a lawn. Then one day I noticed the man and when I turned back, he said: ‘Madam, I have been telling my wife, that is a Lady Munnabhai near my office.’ He had stopped spitting pan in that area.”

In another instance, the staircase of her apartment was being used by people to throw cigarette butts. She kept a box. “The box overflowed with butts on to my staircase. Nobody cleared it. I used to do it every now and then when it used to get filled up. One day, my daughter, who is not like me, had enough of this. She barged into the office and said: ‘Just because my mother is cleaning this mess, don’t take advantage of her.’ Then it stopped.”.

“There should be a subject on basic courtesy in schools. “It is so sad. With my kids I was strict. And when they say ‘Please, Thank you, I’m sorry’ in the school they would be laughed at. My kids would complain: ‘Mama, what have you made us?’ I said: I don’t care. Either they follow you or they don’t. You don’t change because of that.” Has she ever complained to the authorities? “I do believe there are complaints but they don’t care. In my case I don’t wait for others.”


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