I didn’t believe fully in love marriages..

90% cases fails and makes lives hell for the families and their future.

Only 10% couple are sincere in their words and in their actions.I respects these couples.

Just for 10% success I can’t encourage Love marriage.

I have some soft corner on arrange marriages. Atleast couple will bind with each other atleast for family sake.

I believe in one girl concept.

We can wear 10 different dresses. we can taste 10 different recipes.
This is material things.
It should not applied to life.

One word One girl.

Simple living Higher thoughts.

I want to start love only after marriage with my Girl.

I saw this quality in my father and he is successful in all aspects. He is role model and I respect him.

So I want to follow in his foot steps.

One girl.

I will show true love from my side to her..

Because I have to answer to Lord before leaving this world.

If there is love between husband and wife nothing can separate them.

No need of money and other material things.

Just for maintenance we need to work.

I am happy that Lord has given enough resources for me like I am physically fit. He gave hands,legs,eyes …

Just love her truely.

I believe in this word Love.
It makes miracles.


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