Be like a human being not like a man.

Don’t love her for physical Contacts.

It wont work out in the long run.

First love her. Accept her fully. Fill her in ur heart.

Care her. Respect her feelings.

Accept her mistakes.

Show ur true love to her.

Tell sorry if u made any mistakes while talking with her and if u hurt her.

Don’t show ur man behaviour …

Show affection and make her feel comfortable.

Its very difficult to create a feeling of Husband than a man.

Establish that relationship that u love her truely.

Be focus on her.

In this material world you can be deviated by seeing the external beauty. But don’t get affected.

Be happy with what u have and what Lord has given to you.

Be happy with her.

She will reciprocate all her love to you.

Love doesn’t need physical contact.

There should be proper channel between Hearts.

First try to build that channel.

It last forever. It stays forever.

You will be successful in life if u r successful in building this bridge.

Even if u r far she will think about you.

you can hear the vibrations in air. This is true .

Treat sex has a divine matter.Don’t misuse it for ur self satisfaction.

Leave this world proudly after doing the assigned activities by Lord.

Some get fluctuated for material things like money , cars etc…

See the beauty in Lord creation in small things.

Be happy and satisfy. Create a better environment as much as possible.

Put ur words into actions. Do service .GO to field work and make others happy.

All these things requires lot of effort,time. But results are very good. Only few people will achieve in their life times. Strive for that.


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