Emotional blackmailing wont give results in any relationships

Got an input that Possessiveness should not be there.
This is difficult thing( especially if you followed strict principles,morals,devotional activities from childhood). Why because you will be attached y because she is the first girl whom you are interacting with. So one will except more from her and will become more possessive.

Nowadays very few are following morals,ethics , principles etc .. before marriage almost everyone is having boyfriends , girl friends .. Some of the basic Hindu religion values are compromised and even parents are also getting adjusted saying ok to all the acts doing by current generation.

Earlier drinking , smoking are considered as biggest crimes. People of age group 30 have seen this situation.
Nowadays even physical contacts before marriage also is compromised and people are ok .
If someone is telling against love marriages or speaking about ethics, moral values then he/she will be considered as narrow minded.
I dont know why a student of age less than 21 needs a girl or boy friend. why a newly joined fresher in a company searching for a girl or boy friend.
Student age : they have to concentrate on studies.
WIthout getting maturity and without seeing the hardships of life how they can understand the purpose of life.
Just physical attraction wont remain for a long happy life.

In the name of modern civilisation where we are heading towards …I think we are heading towards animal civilisation showing more interest on mating,food and material enjoyments..

Human race is falling and nowadays it is falling rapidly.
If parents are not following good morals what they can teach to their kids.

A guy or girl are having a girl or boy friends before marriage.They spent their time with them happily before marriage.Because of some problems they were not able to marry.they married some others.
If the other newly guy or girl is also of that type having boy or girl friends they can adjust.
But the newly guy or girl are very genuine then how they will react to these relations before marriage.
They may not a lovely relationship with their wive or husband.


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