9th March 2013 (happy that sha came with me)

1st session

outlook loading from cloud
Lync : is windows communicator . it integrates video, chat, meetings. all in one.

Data leakage prevention policy in outlook. it avoids employees to send this file outside the office

office365 portal for administration

if u r copy from pdf into word then to retain its formatting
but in word 2013 u can open pdf file directly and it will retain formatting (read mode)

site mailbox : in sharepoint 2013 it has mailbox
store send mail to sharepoint doc library

OneNote app for windows
if u have a tablet or touch u can take photo of meeting and it can be saved into onenote.
u have a keyboard inbuilt in onenote
(radial option)

sharepoint 2013
– Ananth

Excel 2013

1. In excel 2nd column as “advertising pvt ltd”.automatically 3rd colum if u r typing advertising the other rows will take

the values from 2nd column fills in 4th column. Product guys used machine learning technique to achieve this.

2. excel powerview

Windows 8 machine

sharepoint 2013 features :

less postbacks and database calls

drag file from system onto document library and uploaded into doc library

microsoft is moving towards services side in place of software manufactures

doc library supports 10 million docs.
sharepoint has inbuilt excel , docs , etc can edit online in web browser

legal traders is a new feature (useful while auditing )

1. sharepoint integrated with exchange server .. it will retrieve data from mailboxes
2. outlook on web

Ediscovery crawls mail boxes, filesystem, sharepoint, webapp

sharepoint integrated with social features like facebook “like” . people picker is removed and while typing itself it will

give intellisense

2nd session : why apps ? – shariff shiddique

key take aways
cloud ready
rich sharepoint integration

kudos storage: outside app also have same sp look and feel

sp 2007
code runs from gac on same w3wp.exe as sharepoint web application. drawback – use the same .net worker process.so full load

on w3wp

code runs on spucworkerprocess.exe or calls client svc (client side object model) drawback is cannot admin apis,


sp 2013 cloud model : brought app model
some code runs in cloud and some code in w3wp.exe so less load on worker process

iss with _api

code runs outside of sp but has trust ot leverage capabiliities in _app

app hosting options :
1.sp hosted app (internal company)
2. provider hosted app (enterprise)
3. azure authosted app

chrome control in sharepoint : brings sp look and feel

no need to keep asp pages in sharepoint. asp.net app can interact with sharepoint separately and sp can interact with app


Vaibhav Mittal :
Getting started with NAPA – It enables u to create app on browser without the need of visual studio.

Two templates
1. app for office
2. app for sharepoint

1.taskpane app for mail
2.taskpane app for excel

Bubble project app

session 3 : a deep dive into sharepoint 2013 workflow

shiddue and vaibhav mittal

custom task activity given in sp 2010 but tedious .in 2013 it made simple

downsides in sp designer 2010:

1.supports only sequential but no supports for statemachine
2. cannot customize email template.

but in sp desinger 2013 gave visual designer

3. use new datatype : dictionary
4. in 2013 do high privilege operations with app-only step
5. in 2013 create micorosf project workflows

in 2013 can move from text designer to visual designer viceversa
in sp desginer 2013 can call webservice

looping option came newly
in 2013 can customize email template

visual studio workflows by vaibhav :

custom activity is enhanced

2013 visualstudio for sp uses the wf server 1.0 and wf 4.5+ technology

in sp 2013 there is visual xaml based workflow. there is no code behind server code. microsoft removed code behind support

available workflow object model :
1.client side object model
2.silverlight csom
3.javascript om
4.rest endpoints

workflow services manager has :
deployment service
instance service
subscription service
messaging service
interop service

connected workflow : connectioning workflow to other services
demo : netflix is a movie site which exposes feeds

task app for office
task app for mail
content app
task app for excel


afternoon session : integration asp.net with excel


lohitr is telerik employee. mvp in asp.net , iis

1. open excel .automatically it connects to db ,get data and generate reports

add office project template
add listobject

2. ceo : send appreciation mail to a sales guy who did exceptionally well in sales

3. excel interactive view : converts html page into excel interactive design
2 lines of code
first line is anchor gives a button on the top
second line for excel interactive view charts


5th session :

social features in sharepoint 2013
nitin sharma
sarath kumar P V

social architecture
sharepoint social feature social
yammer & sharepoint

social feaures in sp : keywords,suggestion
faxanomy : bottom up approach means employee suggesting the organization that what they want from the company

enterprise social :

newsfeed link is like facebook app in sharepoint portal
follow is like twitter (follow,stop following)
put @ (employee name will come)
put #(any tag )
trending tags

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