23rd July 2013 Starting to Kasi from Bangalore

This is a tour which is planned long time back.

From 4 yrs onwards I am planning for this. Now it happened.
Became vegeterian for this yatra for 4 yrs.I loved it. I will continue.I found lot of peace in spiritual activities.
I found the real truth in this life which is making friendship with Lord and have to see inner soul.

Along with my parents I am going.

Reaching 10yrs in software field in development.

From morning onwards to till night the thing which I am doing is coding.

So many sleepless nights.

Now at this junction of my life I am not in a position to tell where I reached.

People around me are climbing ladders for corporate position.Its a fully materialistic world.
Its a mice race.

With this yatra I want to reform myself

Because of this software job I managed to clear my debts, made my sisters to settle in their lives.

I lost so many sleeps.

Now I am married. Again one more responsibility like kids.

In my professional life I have to take the lead position.Time came.Otherwise people make me a scapegoat.

I want to progress spiritually which is the truth. Have to make clear friendship with Lord.

Family life – I have to calm down. have to clear all the debts in one year time.

Have to take my parents to different piligrimages. That is my duty too. They are reaching 70s.


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