On 30th Nov 2013 – I wentto SQL Bangalore UG meet.

twitter : #sqlbangug

even # we can keep in facebook
key note by Vinod

S Anand Big Data with SQLAzure and powerpoint


on facebook
we have these groups
bangalore powershell ug meet run by Ravi and Kalyan


palato mania … feature in sql7.0 It is olap tools

sqlserver 2014 came.

deadlock picture : crab holding swine bird and swine bird holding crab

father of visual basic,drag and drop – alan cooper

paul allen – cofounderof Microsoft

quotes of BIll gates :
1.if u cant maki it
2.be nice to nerss

mike tie sun – put pictures of all these then ask questions to
audience answer is mike tyson

From data to Insights with Microsoft big data- HD Insight
.it is a feature in sqlserver 2014

original author of turbo pascal,chief architect of delphi,
core developer of typescript , cheif architect of c# : anders hejlsberg


S ANAND (awesome session –even vinod wont price anyone but he did)

twitter id : @sanand0

1st session :

1st test case : tea company getting bad from some brokers
2nd use case : karnataka political scenario against attendance of all mla of all parties.

he d
http://www.gethub.com/sanand0 it is twitter account code

python code helps in writing data in powerpoint

automating microsoft office with python

anand watches movies from imdb and he developed a site

use case: getting pictures of all top 50 movies from imdb
and put it in powerpoint and it should have hyperlink to the movie

3rd use case :

nokia downloading apps pattern

integrating twitter with powerpoint


2nd session :

mobile business applications

@narainabhishek (from Infragistics)

dundas charts are bought by microsoft and incorporated in 4.0

bring your own device (byod)

in ipad there is no filesystem.so cannot browse file

shareplus is mobile app from Infragistics which has offline + sync modereportplus is mobile app


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