This year is of mixed results both in personal, professional fronts

Marriage life is satisfactory (one year over)

Office wise : nothing learned newly but able to handle the pressure.
Little bit struggle in the middle of the year. but managed to pass it. God is Great.
Invensys was acquired by Schneider

I took my parents and wife to Kasi,Allahabad,Bhopal and Shirdi.
Planning to Madura, Rameswaram and Tamilnadu trip in the coming year to complete the God blessings.

Mentally and physically I am struggling alot in all fronts of my life.
But my trust on God is getting increasing day by day.
Managed to provide some money for Iskcon temple.

Went to Badrachalam, Mantralayam,Shirdi,Nasik temples because of God’s grace and mercy.

Next year planning to have Mayapur darshan along with Iskcon Devotees. Begging God to show His mercy on me and on my family.
Went to client place Himalaya alone and completed the work successfully.

Work wise : Next year I have to plan to take more responsibilities and have to climb up the corporate ladder.
Personal front : Have to learn the art of saying No to few things in financial matters.
I have to handle all the personal matters by myself and want to reduce the burden on my parents.

God show your mercy for 2014. new comer should join my family. Work wise have to be stabilise, family life should stabilise,financial matters should stabilise, and finally have to complete the Iskcon temple donation.


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