thoughtworks office in acr mansion – ooty choclates

validation framework – struts
vapasa women meet

white listing characters

html encoding ,

8th Feb 2014 “`good event (coming up) next meet 2:30 pm to along with two other groups (cloud group)


securityonion : setting up army in ur enterprise to check vulnerabilities

First read this : Road to web application security : garage4hackers

Send a mail to this person amol on web security :

sqli njection by Vamsi Krishna (good one) with c# demo

popular comic on sql injection is on excesscd site (?)

a mother names his son as — drop — table — ‘ss’ and joins in school
school authorities filters and names him as drop table ss
this is sql injection

Examples are below for a search screen : there is a textbox provided in the UI for empname.

string sqquery = “Select * from employee where empname = ‘” + empname + “‘”;
its wrong way of writing

empname = “vamsi”

“Select * from employee where empname = ‘vamsi'”; //developer expects like this

empname = “vamsi’; drop table employee–“; // hacker sends like this

“Select * from employee where empname = ‘vamsi’; drop table employee –‘”;

or hacker can send query like below

select id,name from employee where empname = ‘vamsi’ union
select column_name,table_schema from
information_schema.columns —

or hacker can send query

select id,name from employee where empname = ‘vamsi’ union sp_configuration cmd_xmdshell

writing sqlquery in the c# code :use sqlparameter to fix this . v can specify size,lenght for sqlparameter
with sqlparameter it will treate the input as literal and it will search for the string and it wont take the drop query as it is not found in the sqlserver table column

parameterization doesnt work all the time.

magazine : hackernews


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