Along with my sister i went to google RMZ infinity office on 31st Oct 2015

women techmaker (WTM) program started by Megan smith



google developer groups

google developer experts group

google launchpad weeks –
it is for supporting startups

google developer summit – every 3 months

1st speaker
Rani . dreamtechies ceo

Gandhi babu
love what to do

check her video on youtube on women techmakers

2nd speaker – suprabha mysore

mobile evolution,apps & ecoystem

Eve’s wireless-1922 year

In mobiles (internal hardware)
now modern phones have basebank processor( which controls radio transmissions) and application processor( which controls display,camera,wifi etc)
but old nokia 1100 has only baseband processor

3rd speaker : sheetal Goyal (designer)
center for international planning for design (CEPT)

national institute of design transportation and automobile design — this college in Ahmedabad

Then Design sprint was organised
We are assigned a task to ola cab app for wearable watches (Internet of things IOT)

Its very nice program to attend

All the events are very good and apt.

Rani speach is very inspirational.

If you are bringing more women speakers and how they are balancing family,office, kids etc and how they are dealing with day to day problems in home, office …it will be very helpful.


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