I came in Oct 2010

My first experience : Very hot climate.

In Nov : 40yrs National Day celebrations so holidays for 3 days.

Oman beach games : 3 days leave

Then in Dec Eid leaves for 3 days

In December I saw rain here.

Very very cold during Dec,Jan 2011.

No holidays till June 2011.

From Dec I was involved with SAI activities.

From April 2011 I came to know about Iskcon and rejoined the movement which I left in Bangalore. Now I am active member doing some deity seva every week.

Then from March temperatures increased. Now from Jun 2011 it became more than 50 degree centigrades

From December 2010 to May 2011 I was busy doing some external projects.

Now from August 2011 again I will start.

In Jun 2011 30th is holiday and in July 21st is holiday.

I went to India on 29th June and returned on 12th July.

I started my dream project of starting a NGO. I somehow managed to give 97000 Rs as initial amount for that.

Last year 2010 I was able to give school uniforms to poor kids in my panchayat.I was in Delhi that time.Thisyear also I am planning for the same.I spoke with the association in my village. Every year it will happen as it is having some principal amount.

I went to mentally retarded orphanage during my stay between 29th jun 10 to 9th jul 2011. By Dec 2011(that is my last day in Muscat) I want to arrange some solid thing by speaking with my friends in Muscat. If God has written for them it will happen. I came here again for completing this task only.

I know after coming to India I dont get ample time to do projects  apart from my office work. So I want to use this time for completing that orphanage work.

Happy news : First and third sisters got babies.

Disappointed news: I went to India for a match but the girl didnt came.Girls father came to my house and he asked whether my current assignment is permanent position or an onsite oppurtunity from my current company and whether I am drawing more than 1 lakh or not. Little bit upset with these questions. Ok fine. I think God has arranged a better one.

My dream of going to foreign using company flight tickets was fulfilled.

Nowadays I am feeling little bit lonely here and my technical expertise also reduced comparing to my previous assignments in India.

Anyway I am waiting for another 3-5 months .Thats it.Over.

I will complete the remaining tasks for that orphanage and a community toilet facility in my panchayat.My father asked for that.Will see how it goes.I want to see a solid personal like my mother in Sarpanch position.Then only the govt funds are utilised properly.

After seeing those mentally challenged,deaf and dumb kids in that orphanage (as I spent 2 days there to know their needs) for the first time my heart started listening to the meaning of life and humanity.After coming back to Muscat it took nearly 2 weeks for coming to normal state. But I decided to do something for this.

I saw so many software guys are doing donations near to their working places like Hyd,Bangalore ,Chennai etc.

All are giving to the same orphanages . Instead backward areas like Srikakulam, Telangana interior regions etc something to be done.


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